Emotional Strength & Well-being

Do you sometimes have the feeling that life is overwhelming? Especially nowadays, where the world seems to be in a very chaotic and challenging state, we are overloaded with external events and information, everybody can reach us 24/7 and it’s more and more challenging to stay relaxed, grounded and true to what is important for oneself? In a world where things move and change in an accelerated pace, how can we keep our emotions balanced and avoid to jump from one emotional outburst to the next? Our emotions guide our feelings and behaviour in daily life and have a strong impact on our physical health and well-being. They are more often than not unconscious and automatic. As an example, imagine you hear a song on the radio and out of a sudden you feel like breaking out in tears and when the next song plays you want to just smile and feel happy again. It is important to understand how external events have an impact on your emotions, how you can balance them and strengthen the positive emotions in order to live a serene, healthy and happy life.


Connection between emotions and healthy inner organs

Dr Pang Ming, founder of the first medicine less hospital and Zhineng Qigong, developed empowering practices and methods based on the theory of the five immune systems and offers new insights how you can practice your inner organs health to contribute to your overall holistic health and well-being. In Zhineng Qigong Science, we are not only focussing on strengthening our physical immune system, but suggest ideas how to strengthening the emotional, inner organs immune system as well. As we know from the Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine, our inner organs produce emotional hormones and chemicals, which have an impact on the healthy state of our physical body. Based on the Theories of the Five Elements, these five organs are related to the following emotions:

  • Joy – Heart
  • Anger – Liver
  • Worry – Spleen
  • Sadness – Lungs
  • Fear – Kidney

All emotions are good and serve a specific way of dealing with our life. What is more and more important though is that you find a way to balance your emotions and strengthen the positive ones, so that you ignite the inner harmony, joy and peace you are longing for. If you are angry and acknowledge and control the emotion in that moment, it will not impact your live and damage it. If you are in a constant state of worry, the chemicals which are related to this emotional state will start to have a negative impact e.g. on your spleen and stomach.  If you increase your awareness for these relationships as well as choose to consciously applying effective tools to help you transform the negative impact of negative emotions, actions and behaviour you will gradually increase your health, vitality and mental strength and clarity.


It is important to note that:

‘The heart is the centre and manager of all emotions. Any emotion arising first influences the heart and only afterwards the other organs.’ – Master Yuagtong Liu

So, when consciously living with an open heart, we can balance all other emotions. These are only a few ideas of this profound theory, and how to practice it?


Balancing Emotions in Practice

One Zhineng Qigong method to open our heart is the La Qi method. In La Qi practice, opening and closing movements are used to expand and collect Qi. These movements aid in exchanging the body Qi with the Qi of the universe, increasing and revitalizing the own body and life Qi. Through this method, you balance your body Qi on various levels – physical, mental and inner organs. If the Qi of your inner organs is enhanced and balanced, your heart is open, your emotions are balanced and you feel emotionally and mentally stronger 🙂

These and other basic Zhineng Qigong methods will be covered by Master Yuantong Liu in the next Life Changer program, starting on 1 September ‘Life Changer presents The Five Immune Systems in Zhineng Qigong’. In this program you will discover new ways of being emotionally, mentally and physically strong, live with an open and joyful heart and celebrate abundant health from within.


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Master Yuantong Liu, Life Changer presents the 5 Immune Systems of Zhineg Qigong (2022)

– Tiffany Scruggs, International Hunyuan Qi Therapy Meeting (August, 2022)

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