Change your life by discovering and connecting with your sunshine mind

In Zhineng Qigong Science we emphasize the importance of positive polarity, strengthening a positive mind-set through our practice and awareness, no matter the circumstances. This is an important pillar to achieve and maintain holistic health and well-being.

Shawn Achor, psychologist at Harvard University, has researched this phenomenon and calls this idea the “happiness advantage”. His studies have shown that people with a positive attitude can increase their creativity, are more efficient and have more energy overall. This helps them to be up to 31% more productive in their work environment. Isn’t it interesting? Our brain is much more efficient than in a negative, neutral or stressed state. Our intelligence and creativity rises, we feel more energized.

What are your rituals to be in a “happiness advantage” state? What is working for you to choose a more positive mind-set? What brings out the sunshine-mind in you? Happy moments with your loved ones? Time spent in nature? Relaxation?

It’s interesting, isn’t it? The increasing lock down relaxations after months of restricted life due to corona seem to be accompanied by restlessness, increasing consumption and a feeling of stress. More and more people share with us that they are missing joy in their life, that they long for the quiet time and the valuable family quality time they had while they were forced to stay at home. Slowing down, reducing unnecessary baggage, detoxifying, strengthening and grounding one-self – these are qualities of life that help us nourish happiness from deep within, discover and connect with our sunshine mind.

Experiencing joy is an effective way to maintain health and increase well-being. By practicing Zhineng Qigong we nourish what brings us joy to improve our overall state of well-being and health, especially in times of permanent uncertainties and constant change. It is about promoting a positive state of mind from within. In our Life Changer live programs we share many highly effective methods that help us to find and nourish inner joy no matter the circumstances.

    Life Changer Programs are based on the teachings of the world-renowned medicine-less hospital sharing cutting edge knowledge, skills and effective practices for nourishing holistic health, well-being and strengthening the immune system from within