Improve the energy field of your home and create an inspiring environment for harmony, strength, courage and creativity

For many people around the world their home has not only become a permanent retreat in recent weeks, but also their office space and a central starting point for various activities. It is not always easy to accommodate the various different needs – spending quality time with loved ones, handling professional projects and virtual meetings with colleagues, family and friends – and all of this from this one central location, one’s home!

It is about re-designing one’s everyday routine and learning how to maintain a balanced emotional state and clear mind, e.g. if the child is to be supported in “home schooling”, the colleagues call in for a virtual meeting at the same time, the housework piles up and you long for a “change of scenery” deep inside.

The professional world has already given this new era a name, calling it the new “VUCA world”. A world that is characterized by volatility, i.e. of constant and unpredictable changes, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. During times like these it seems even more important to support your home with abundant positive information and energy. A positive environment nourished by Qi has a supportive effect on finding creative solutions for one’s everyday life, harmonizing relationships and creating a strong foundation for courage and inspired actions while dealing with change.

Zhineng Qigong Science offers a method specifically targeted at improving the Qi field of one’s home, often referred to as a healthy “Hunyuan Qi field”. This Qi field contains all information, characteristics, functions and abilities of your own home and the associated family members. The following three levels are taken into account: the physical level, the energy level and the information level. These three levels are in constant exchange and transformation processes, not only with each other but also with the abundant Qi of the universe.

This method is about becoming aware of one’s own requirements for a Qi-filled and healthy home. These intentions can then be integrated into the meditation. The Qi field is positively nourished by expanding one’s conscious awareness and Qi exchange with nature. One’s own home turns into a new “power-home”.

Participants of our online course “Life changer – the power and well-being from within” were enthusiastic about this method. In addition to other exercises that were presented and practiced to support one’s own preventive health care, building a powerful Qi field was one of the favorite methods and was experienced as extremely relevant and effective.

Life Changer Programs are based on the teachings of the world-renowned medicine-less hospital sharing cutting edge knowledge, skills and effective practices for nourishing holistic health, well-being and strengthening the immune system from within