Life Changer presents Zhineng Qigong Level 1 – Self-learning Course


Life Changer presents Zhineng Qigong Level 1 – Self-learning Course

Dive into Zhineng Qigong Level 1 Methods which are very easy to learn and yet super effective. The main focus of this course will be on the „Hold Qi Up and Pour Qi Down“ method (Peng Qi Guan Ding Fa). It is practiced by millions of people worldwide. You will also explore other Level 1 methods for a strong practice foundation.

Choose this E-learning course for more flexibility and self-paced learning including different learning modalities (videos, audio, quizzes, assignments, etc.).


Zhineng Qigong Level 1 – Build a Strong Foundation for Your Practice at Your Own Pace!

Welcome to this new Life Changer format, a self-paced E-learning experience that will empower you to harness the power of this content rich course at your own convenience.

Start or deepen your Zhineng Qigong practice - Discover profound relaxation and joy while cultivating abundant health with our self-learning program. Whether you're navigating a world in upheaval or seeking inner peace and mental strength, this course offers valuable insights for everyone, from beginners to advanced students.


Benefits of our Self-paced Life Changer program:

  1. Flexibility: With self-paced learning, you have the freedom to choose when and where you want to study. You can access the course materials at your convenience. Also perfect for everyone who has been unable to join our live Life Changer programs so far due to the timings of the sessions.
  2. Personalized Learning: Tailor your learning experience to suit your needs. Dive deeper into the topics that resonate with you, revisit theory and practice sessions, enjoy lectures which go beyond traditional concepts, and grow, evolve and progress at your own pace.
  3. Accessibility: The training videos included in the program are accessible online. What’s more, audio material for certain meditations and practices as well as the included E-book "Chinese Sport Health-building Methods – First level of the dynamic method of Zhineng Qigong: Hold Qi Up Pour Qi Down Method" is also offline available as these can be downloaded.
  4. Enhanced Retention: Self-study involves active learning, where you are in charge and own the process. Enjoy taking responsibility for your own personal development and understanding of the practice material and empowering lectures. Take your time to reflect on them with provided guidance through relevant questions. This hands-on approach can lead to enhanced retention and deeper understanding of the methods and tools shared.


Course Highlights:

Zhineng Qigong Level 1 Methods are very easy to learn and yet super effective. The main focus of this course will be on the „Hold Qi Up and Pour Qi Down“ method (Peng Qi Guan Ding Fa). It is the foundation of Zhineng (Wisdom) Qigong and practiced by millions of people worldwide. It’s a perfect approach for preventing illness, reducing stress and anxiety, stay peace and calm in challenging situations and activating the self-healing abilities of your body from deep within. It also promotes improved awareness, inner wisdom, better life choices, utilizing more of your potential, and falling in love with your true-self to live the life you love! Here's what you can expect:

  • Pro-active Self-Health Care: Acquire methods and effective tools for activating and deepening self-healing approaches through Zhineng Qigong Level 1 methods.
  • Guidance from Zhineng Qigong Master Yuantong Liu: Engage in theory and practice training videos and audios, thoughtfully divided into short chapters and led by Master Yuantong Liu and the experienced team of Hunyuan Qi Therapists.
  • Empowering Practice Sessions by certified Hunyuan Qi Therapists: put what you are learning into practice and enjoy empowering and engaging practice sessions baed on the theory and lectures shared.

Our program shares powerful methods for you to incorporate into your daily routine:

  • Understand and practice all 5 sequences of the "Hold Qi Up and Pour Qi Down" method.
  • Learn how to prepare and create a powerful Qi Field – for your health and well-being and any kind of project or life intention you aim to manifest successfully
  • Gain insights into the best body posture to improve the energy flow deep within and relevant acupuncture points.
  • Explore practice recommendations, including three levels of practices, the open and close transformation law, Three Centers Merge Standing meditation, and La Qi meditation with new and effective techniques.



Rikhil, India:

Deeply Informative and Transformative: Not just a metaphor but the real truth of what happens  -  a deep realization, information that will definitely lead to a positive shift in the mindset, changes the way we look at health.

Leilah, South Africa:

It gave me the tools to rejuvenate my body with practice. Replenishing my mental and physical self. It served as a very strong reminder of my goals and it gave me hope and determination to embrace a perfect life.

Heather, France:

My body is stronger and more resistant. I feel a deep sense of peace and gratitude. I gain understanding on manifesting my intentions and I observe how the Qi-field has beneficial effects on my family, my patients and myself.


Invest in Your Health and Well-being:

Your investment in this life-changing course is just 195 Euros, which includes:

  • In total: 65 lessons including theory/practice videos, downloadable audio practices, quizzes, surveys and more surprises
  • 24.5 hours of video content
  • Video download of a complete set of videos of the Lift Qi Up Pour Qi Down Method
    • 10 step by step learning videos
    • Use of different camera angles to show all movements in detail
    • Subtitles in English for better understanding
    • Extra-large text so you can practice in front of your computer
    • Comprehensive bonus material
    • Taught by one of the most reputable Zhineng Qigong Masters worldwide
  • Informative and interactive E-Book: "Chinese Sport Health-building Methods – First level of the dynamic method of Zhineng Qigong: Hold Qi Up Pour Qi Down Method"
  • Reflection questions and quizzes to deepen your knowledge and skills

Are you ready to embark on a journey towards abundant health, inner peace, and joy? Join this Life Changer self-paced online course today and discover the transformative power of Zhineng Qigong Level 1 methods. Embrace the opportunity to stay cool, calm, and collected in the face of adversity, and become stronger than ever before. Your path to well-being starts here.

About the Program Facilitators

Zhineng Qigong Master and Co-Founder of Hunyuan Qi Therapy Association:  Yuantong Liu

Master Yuantong Liu has been engaged in Zhineng Qigong Hunyuan Qi Therapy healing and teaching for more than 30 years. He successfully accomplished the rigorous teachers program in the Zhineng Qigong Hua Xia Qigong Center - known in the West as the first „medicine-less hospital of the world“ (near Beijing) under the guidance of Dr. Pang Ming. He continued to work closely with Dr. Pang Ming for 10 years. He has supported the healing of thousands of people. Among other things people healed from mental, chronic and terminal illnesses. He teaches the principles of Zhineng Qigong Healing in his own Qigong Center in China, as well as in Europe, the USA, Mexico, South Africa, Indonesia and Malaysia. His commitment to sharing the essence of Zhineng Qigong Science globally is based on his vision to allow as many people as possible to benefit from the wisdom, beauty and easy, yet effective tools of this scientifically proven self-healing art. Healing, inner wisdom, balance, increased self- awareness, trust and confidence are concrete results of studying and learning from Master Yuantong Liu.

“With an open heart and mind, control of one's own consciousness is not only possible, but a logical outcome. A properly set healing intention for yourself and others is already the start of a healthier and more authentic life! We must learn to control our thoughts and know how to activate the Hun Yuan Qi for holistic health promotion to heal ourselves and others to live our best life."  -  Master Yuantong Liu

Zhineng Qigong Teacher and Co-Founder of Hunyuan Qi Therapy Association:  Britta Stalling

For more than 20 years, Britta has studied, practiced and shared different self-healing & self-empowering methods as well as Zhineng Qigong Hunyuan Qi Therapy principles. She is teaching and sharing Zhineng Qigong and Hunyuan Qi Therapy internationally, e.g. in South Africa, China, the USA and Europe since 2006. Britta works together with Master Yuantong Liu since 2011. She has been trained by some of the most advanced International Coaches & Trainers from the USA and Europe, as well as by different ZQ Masters from China. Britta has gained unique experiences as a certified Coach and leadership trainer in an international training organization focussing on leadership development and leadership skills. When she moved to South Africa, she developed and set up an In-house Training Academy in a BPO company. Britta is valued by her clients of various nationalities and cultural backgrounds for passing on her knowledge in an authentic and inspiring way.