Living life according to a to-do list..

Everyday life has become for many people an endless to-do list fitting the goals we set for ourselves, and even when we do escape from our daily routine, our to-do list just adapts. Maybe you recognize the following when going on holidays: You visit one place and already think about what to visit next, how to get there, etc…and why? To reach the goal to have seen all the sights you have on your to-do list. However, what are holidays actually for – re-gaining strength and energy, and enjoying the moment.

Turning inwards

A common reason for living this way is reducing the anxiety about the chaos of life. With that being said, to-do lists are not a bad thing and can increase productivity enormously and eliminate unwanted intrusion of thoughts. (1) So, they are definitely useful in reaching our goals. It only becomes a problem, if we don’t concentrate on the task at hand but already think about all the other things that still need to be done. This can cause a lot of stress. In addition, another problem is, if we do not leave any room for flexibility and stick to our list no matter what.

Slowing down and turning inwards has become more and more important due to enormous information overload from all sides including endless recommendations on how to live life, what health trends to follow, etc. However, we often forget that our own body and mind are the best guides. What’s more, being in the present moment not constantly thinking about the next thing we need to do opens many new doors and keeps our mind flexible. Purely focusing on the goal ahead can also lead to forgetting about the process. However, the process gives what we do a deeper meaning.

“Treat every moment as a gift, that is why it is called the present.” – Deepak Chopra

What does Qigong practice mean to you?

Through regular Qigong practice, you can experience many benefits, for instance, being more relaxed, establishing a strong body-mind connection and strengthening your immune system. Your practice also supports you in being in the moment, experiencing new information, insights and inspiration each moment, how new possibilities and new perspectives unfold and refresh yourself. Through your practice you become more aware, how your own future evolves out of the experiences in the present moment and not the past.

Many Qigong practitioners have the goal to achieve the above while increasing general health and well-being or be supported in self-healing from an illness. However, a big question is how you feel about practicing? Is it just a mean to an end, another point on your to-do list or do you enjoy the process and working on your intentions? A goal can be a wonderful orientation. Nevertheless, it’s the change in behaviour, establishing routines and celebrating small steps, progressing in our own time which make the difference 😊

Yi Yuan Ti

A very important theory in Zhineng Qigong which will help us to lose fear and connect to a non-judgmental perception of being is the theory of Yi Yuan Ti and was developed by Dr. Pang Ming. The centre of the Yi Yuan Ti is located in the brain and connects all systems of the body, spreading further out and integrating the whole universe. The Yi Yuan Ti is like a mirror and reflects evenly into all directions, constantly transforming information and sending it back into the universe. According to this theory, people with a full Yi Yuan Ti have a completely open mind and heart.

Slowing down with Qigong

Through practicing Zhineng Qigong we are able to develop our Yi Yuan Ti and focus our attention inwardly while keeping awareness for whatever is happening in the external world. Through that we develop an ability to be in a oneness state (inside and outside become one), we gain more clarity, take time to rest, reset and listen from inside what our body and mind need in the present moment. That’s how inner resting and relaxation places are created which can then further manifest into our everyday life.

“You are happy in every moment of your life, in the activities and events, no matter what is happening. Even if you experience health challenges, or personal or professional issues, you learn to discover the blessings in disguise. Everything that happens to us is a life lesson.” – Master Yuantong Liu

We can support you

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  2. Master Yuantong Liu, based on the works of Dr. Pang Ming. (2007). Basic theories and methods of Zhineng Qigong.

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