Strengthening the immune system in a holistic way

Especially in today’s time, how can you keep your immune system healthy and strong?

From a western medical perspective, the immune system is a complex, interlinked system of structures and processes, that evolve to protect the physical body from illness. So research and treatment are primarily focused on physical matter.  “Boosting the immune system” in the medical context mainly refers to adjusting external factors that have an influence on the body’s internal functions on a physical matter level.

Similar to Western medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) follows the idea of an illness defence ability within the human body. From a TCM perspective, this defence mechanism is based on healthy energy (zheng qi) that circulates harmoniously throughout the body.  Wei qi (defensive qi) is a part of the healthy energy of the body. Wei Qi is located anywhere in the body but mainly on the outside of the body or the parts of the body that are in contact with the environment – like the mucosa of organs. It defends the body against penetration of pathogenic factors, keeping a clean internal environment. Health is maintained.

Zhineng Qigong Science follows a different approach.  In Zhineng Qigong Science, we refer to the essence of the knowledge of three levels of substance. We include the powerful intention of the mind – the information substance – and the energy field of qi. These are not physical, but formless existence, with the physical matter substance level hiding inside. In Zhineng Qigong Science, we experience and study five aspects of the immune system: the consciousness immune system, the emotional hormones immune system, the body qi field (energy field) immune system, the membrane immune system and the physical body immune system.

If the Consciousness Immune System is not functioning optimally, it can lead to

  • The development of a mental illness
  • Loss of mind clarity
  • Failure to find / follow one’s own life intention

The power of our consciousness immune system comes from the Yi Yuan Ti reflecting and manifesting positive activities of life. We are aware and change thoughts, emotions, words and actions. The positive becomes stronger, and the negative is transformed. Our conscious mind makes the choice. In other words, we are training our mindset with the willpower of our true self-awareness, always aware of the information we perceive externally and internally, transforming all of the negative information into the positive. We can strengthen the positive information or mindset in order to develop a completely positive mindset, always living in the upright positive polarity of life. We use this complete, positive mindset for leading our life activities, no matter what happens.

Zhineng Qigong offers us different methods and meditations to strengthen the consciousness immune system, e.g. Hun Yuan Ling Tong Chanting, Xu Yin N Meditation, or building a powerful Qi field for your home and all life activities

If the Emotional Hormones Immune System is not functioning optimally, it can lead to

  • Development of emotion illness, loss of peace of heart and mind
  • A direct impact on the function and ability of the chemical reaction within the hormone system
  • Develop a disease within the hormone system which affects the entire body

In the hormone layer of qi, chemical reactions are influenced by the emotion of the heart. The heart is the center of the emotions and the manager of the emotions, which can re-harmonize and rebalance the hormones energy (or qi) in the body.
The emotional hormone system nourishes the collective organs of the body.  If this powerful hormone immune system is to stay in balance, one must open heart and mind, and stay in peace and happiness. This will strongly impact the emotions and improve the function and ability of the emotional hormone system.

Zhineng Qigong offers us different methods and meditations to strengthen the emotional hormones immune system, e.g. Five Zang Organs Nourishment Meditation, Hunyuan Palace La Qi with 5 Zang Organs or The Sound of Joy Chanting

If the Body Qi Field or Energy Field Immune System is not functioning optimally, it can lead to

  • A weakened physical body that may lose its normal strength
  • Tiredness and increased likelihood to get sick by natural influences

The physical body is surrounded by a Qi field. The mental, emotional and physical layers of this Qi field are integrating into one wholeness: the human Body Qi field. It supports all physical functions of the human body.  The body Qi field interacts with nature, exchanging, transforming and balancing with each other.  If this qi field is strong the body becomes strong as well.  Our environment, mindset, emotions, and physical life activity all work with the body qi field.  The body qi field is the medium between the body and nature, other people and between different body parts, it works with the blueprint of life, the information sequence of life.  The body’s Qi field looses Qi as it ages so it is important to recharge it with Qi.

Zhineng Qigong offers us different methods and meditations to strengthen the body qi field immune system, e.g. La Qi with your Body Qi Field

If the Membrane Immune system is not functioning optimally, it can lead to

  • Problems with metabolism activities

The membrane system is between each cell, between the organs and between body layers.  Activity in the membrane system can transform different concrete substance to energy or information.  The energy nourishes cells and improves their function.  All energy moves through the membrane system to nourish each cell.  This system impacts the flow and transfer of blood and fluids throughout the body.  All viruses and bacteria in the human body live on the membrane system.  These can be transformed through the metabolism of the membrane system. If the expand-contract motion through the membrane system is very fast and even, the immune system becomes more and more healthy.

Zhineng Qigong offers us different methods and meditations to strengthen the membrane immune system, e.g. Membrane Vibration Method

Lastly, Zhineng Qigong Science also refers to the physical body immune system.  Methods and Meditations that strengthen the physical body are e.g. Chen Qi, QiCore Practice or Qi Squads.

Let’s be inspired by Master Liu’s own words:

“To improve our health is to improve our immune system.  To improve our immune system is to improve our health!  Our immune system is protecting us, resisting disease and restoring function to all systems.  This is supporting our complete, true health: mental, physical and emotional!”

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