It was Confucius who wisely said

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart”.

Zhineng Qigong Master Yuantong Liu speaks about

“Clear intention is the source of relaxation, mentally, emotionally and physically.”

Both statements follow the same idea:  If one lives life with a clear intention – either for one’s whole life or for parts of one’s life related to daily life activities and results one like to achieve – that filters through to all levels, all actions, all thoughts and feelings, then perfect health, inner peace and happiness will naturally unfold.

Any obstacles such as negative thoughts, physical symptoms or unpleasant emotions, are merely a sign for the need to realign, identify potential imbalances and recreate harmony from within:


It is completely normal to have negative thoughts.   Many of us regularly encounter negative thought patterns that have built up over years, to a great extend influenced by former experiences and external events happening in our life which build internal and often limiting perspectives and frames of references.  These negative thoughts bubble up in form of negative self-talk, fear, doubt, critical judgement of oneself and others, dislike and scepticism. All these negative thoughts gently remind us to use our consciousness to consciously transform these thoughts.

Master Yuantong Liu advises:

“Let it come, let it go, mind does not touch it.”

The key is to observe these thoughts without identifying with and attaching to them, instead use the conscious mind to transform them.

Realigning your thoughts to your life intention


Although pain creates a great discomfort and suffering that leaves many people hopeless and fearful, in the context of Zhineng Qigong pain can also be regarded as a sign of imbalance. Imbalances can easily occur due to insufficient Qi or blockages in the Qi flow.  Thus, pain shall encourage us to identify imbalances within your body.

Again Master Yuantong Liu encourages us:

“Let it come, let it go, mind does not touch and attach to it.”

The key is to acknowledge the pain, observe it but not focus or identify with it, then consciously work on recreating the needed balance by using your consciousness and practicing selected Zhineng Qigong methods which support the needed transformation.

Realigning your body to your life intention


Emotions of sadness or anger are perfectly normal for any human being.  The invitation is to identify the source and impact of these negative emotions, consciously choose to transform them and consciously create a new personal commitment to nourish a positive inner state and feelings.  So when we find ourselves in an argument with a friend that leaves emotions of sadness and anger behind, it can be seen as an opportunity to consciously opening one’s own heart to forgive, connect with friendship, love and happiness instead. Do not allow these external events to create new heart stones within yourself!

 “Let it come, let it go, mind does not touch it.”

Let the negative emotion come up without giving it space to manifest, then consciously nourish pure joy, peace and contentment from within.

Realigning your emotions to your life intention


So realigning means “jumping over your life hurdles with a smile”, checking in with your life intention and recreating the needed balance for your onward journey.  People who successfully live according to these profound principles are fully aligned in each interaction and each situation.


In our upcoming 2-week Life Changer Online program, starting 16 April 2021, we will be discussing some of these principles and share practical methods that support you with the realignment process by successfully integrating these conscious principles into your daily life on a personal and professional level:

  1. The principle of intention
  2. The principle of living your life congruent with who you are
  3. The principle of the ability to respond (responsibility)
  4. The principle of transformation
  5. The principle of “what is, is”
  6. The principle of firm confidence
  7. The principle of joy and personal freedom
  8. The principle of igniting the inner wisdom and healer from within

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