“Chinese Sport Health-building Methods – First level of the dynamic method of Zhineng Qigong: Hold Qi Up Pour Qi Down Method”


Author: Professor Pang Ming, Translated by Zhijun Liu

Hold Qi Up Pour Qi Down (HQUPQD) is the first level method of Zhineng Qigong. It is a basic method for curing disease and improving health. The main characteristics of this method are:

i. The mind integrates with Qi and use of the mind induces Qi. Combining the physical open and close movements with the mind’s visualization guidance induces internal Qi to go outward and external Qi to absorb inward. This allows the human and universal Hun Yuan Qi connection to be unobstructed and will improve the sensitivity ability of the human body. This is the external Hunyuan stage of Zhineng Qigong.

ii. This method is very effective to collect and gather Qi. When one practices this method, one will very easily and quickly learn the techniques to send external Qi for healing.



This is an overview on the content:

Chapter I — Hold Qi Up Pour Qi Down (HQUPQD) Method

  • Section I       Summary of Hold Qi Up Pour Qi Down
  • Section II      HQUPQD is the practice of external Hunyuan
  • Section III     The practice characteristics of HQUPQD method
  • Section IV     Effects of HQUPQD
  • Section V      Meditation of HQUPQD

Chapter II — Hold Qi Up Pour Qi Down practice method

Preparing posture

  1. Opening Form
  2. Start from the front and hold Qi up from the sides
  3. Start from the sides and hold Qi up from the front
  4. Hold Qi up at 45 degrees diagonally
  5. Closing form

Chapter III — How to practice HQUPQD method effectively

  1. Correct use of consciousness
  2. Pay attention to HQUPQD method
  3. Deep understanding of the practice of external Hunyuan method
  4. Pay attention to the Eight Verses meditation
  5. Creative application of HQUPQD method
  6. Open the wisdom method
  7. Clear the eyes vision method
  8. Pouring Qi for healing method